InvestOps Europe 2018

17 - 18 September, 2018

Victoria Park Plaza, London

44 (0) 207 368 9445

InvestOps Day 2 - Tuesday 18th September 2017


8:00 am - 8:40 am Conference Registration & Networking Breakfast

8:40 am - 8:45 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks:


8:45 am - 9:05 am Inspirational Keynote: Driving change: How to create a top-down-bottom-up culture for innovation to ensure you thrive in a highly disruptive technology-led landscape?

  • Taking risks: How to encourage risk taking in your organisation from the bottom up and top down to required drive the required changes
  • With disruption and technological advances accelerating how can you create a culture that welcomes and generates  innovative ideas
  • What is the best way to structure your organisation to encourage innovation?
  •  Cultivating external relationships: How promoting strong, external relationships with both in an out of industry counterparties will allow innovation to breed through your firm 
  • Hiring the best – fast: Understanding how the employees that you build around you in your firm will make or break your innovation culture 

9:05 am - 9:45 am Panel: Walking the tightrope: How can you best balance regulatory requirements with business growth led projects and leverage the latest and greatest technology to build a winning investment operations division?

Geoff Galbraith, COO,MAN Group Vikram Aaditya, Chief Transformation Officer,HSBC, Asset Management Group Isidore Gorianz, Head of Core Operations,Pictet Asset Management
  • How to identify which innovative technology solutions you should be investing in now to make this transition as smoothly as possible
  • Pinpointing the key challenges and opportunities in balancing short and long term investment operation needs
  • How to strike the balance between meeting these projects and focus on strategic priorities whilst making such a drastic change
  • How to practically identify which legacy systems you should rip out and how to do this with as little disruption as possible to day to day workflow  to achieve your long term business goal 
  • How to identify which innovative solutions you should be investing in now to make this transition as smoothly as possible

Geoff Galbraith

MAN Group


Vikram Aaditya

Chief Transformation Officer
HSBC, Asset Management Group


Isidore Gorianz

Head of Core Operations
Pictet Asset Management


9:45 am - 10:05 am Digitalisation Keynote: Staying on top of the latest digitalisation trends: Sharing recent successes and failures with implementing new technologies to help you build a winning investment operations infrastructure

Stuart Warner, Head of Technology UK & Continental Europe Financial Services,Fidelity International
  • Assessing the top tech trends in finance and how investment operations can learn from technological successes and failures to build a first class division
  • Increasing digitalisation: In response to increasing competitive pressures and rising customer expectations, how are financial institutions investing in digital transformation projects to keep up with industries that are far ahead?
  • Examining real case examples of where Blockchain and AI have been used to eradicate transaction processing in the financial sector and how you can best leverage this innovation realistically in your firm

Stuart Warner

Head of Technology UK & Continental Europe Financial Services
Fidelity International

10:05 am - 10:20 am Industry Keynote The top 8 transformative technology trends you do not want to miss out on in 2018- How to unlock the full potential of AI, IOT, Cloud, Connectivity, Blockchain, Computer Vision, Ubiquitous Video, and Robots & Drones in your investment operations

Whilst digitalisation is not new, we are seeing a new wave or transformative technologies have an impact around us. Join us in this interactive session to under the opportunities and impacts of these technologies today and fully grasp the pace at which change is being accelerated. Whilst some of the technologies discussed aren’t new, they are coming together and disrupting industries by fuelling innovation and creating both opportunities and threats for all. 


10:20 am - 10:45 am Guest Keynote: Enhancing Performance : 5 practical strategies to improve focus, resiliency and energy in your investment operations

Steve Ward, Trade Performance and Psychology Coach,Performance Edge
-Understanding the two keys to high performance and how you can leverage these
-Deep diving into the neurophysiology of peak performance
-Mental capacity: developing situational awareness, and how to improve focus in a world full of distractions
-Emotional capacity: building resilience to manage stress, pressure, challenge and change
-Physical capacity: embodied cognition, decision fatigue, and energy management strategies for performing well


Steve Ward

Trade Performance and Psychology Coach
Performance Edge

10:45 am - 11:15 am Morning Break


11:15 am - 11:35 am Political Keynote The regulatory domino effect: With the possibility of MiFID III on the horizon what new reforms should you expect to prepare for going forward?

Dr. Kay Swinburne, MEP, Member of Economic and Monetary Affairs,European Parliament
  • Addressing the impact of MIFID II and how this may have a knock on effect to create a over-regulated landscape
  • MIFID III: Examining why it is on the horizon and what will look like for the industry 
  • Industry impact: Would a new regulatory deadline stump industry innovation and cause more harm than good?

Dr. Kay Swinburne

MEP, Member of Economic and Monetary Affairs
European Parliament

  • What aspects of MiFID II have most directly impacted operations– how did you need to alter the way you currently execute to adhere to these? 
  • How have regulators evaluated compliance, and what supervision and enforcement have we seen so far? Has the letter or the spirit of regulation won out? 
  • Have there been any unintended consequences on business growth, and what market changes have brought welcome opportunities for the buy side? 
  • What is your overall scorecard for technology providers on how they have transformed and adapted to effectively meet the new market requirements? 
  • Working towards a more transparent and fair market – how far are we as an industry on the journey to achieving this?  

Vincent Dessard

Senior Policy Advisor
European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA)


Darryl Cornelius

Head of European Regulatory Projects
State Street Global Advisors


Kyra Brown

Senior Regulatory Change Consultant
Standard Life Investment


Katy Stevens

Global Lead, Regulations
M&G Investments

12:15 pm - 12:35 pm Fireside Debate: True or False? Financial market regulation has had an overall positive effect on the financial landscape after almost a decade of reform

Stephen Fisher, Managing Director, Government Relations & Public Policy,Blackrock Stéphane Janin, Head of Global Regulatory Development,AXA Investment Management Daniel Sandman, Head of Customer Protection,Allianz SE
  • Outlining the pros and cons: since the 2008 crash, what has worked well, what has not worked and what needs to be improved?  
  • What are the practical lessons learnt on the multiple regulations that have been deployed?
  • How have various regulatory frameworks impacted buy and sell side investment operations and has this overall impact been positive or negative?
  • Is the new market structure more efficient and reliable under this regulatory regime or is it now insufficient to meet the demands of end investors with conflicting regulations?
  • Should you be set for further regulatory reform now MiFID II has been implemented? 

Stephen Fisher

Managing Director, Government Relations & Public Policy


Stéphane Janin

Head of Global Regulatory Development
AXA Investment Management


Daniel Sandman

Head of Customer Protection
Allianz SE


12:35 pm - 12:55 pm FinTech Spotlight: FinTech innovation disrupting the financial markets ecosystem - What will impact your business and how can you compete in this moment of generational change?

Mark Whitcroft, Founding Partner,Illuminate Financial Management
Illuminate Financial is a London-based venture capital firm with a global mandate, exclusively focused on financial technology that benefits capital markets participants. Prior to Illuminate, Mark spent eleven years in various capital market roles at HSBC and Deutsche Bank based in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York. He has been investing in FinTech companies since 2010 and has worked at a number of FinTech start-up accelerators.
•Which types of technological innovation do we expect to transform investment operations in the next 10 years?  How can you seize the opportunities now to be ahead of the curve? 
•Crossing the chasm: identifying the problems faced and how you can match them to the game-changing solutions from small early stage companies 
•How and why to take advantage of the innovative, lower cost and highly scalable solutions offered by newer and more entrepreneurial suppliers
•Avoid the fintech hype – how can firms distil the signal from the noise?

Mark Whitcroft

Founding Partner
Illuminate Financial Management

12:55 pm - 1:25 pm Dragons’ Den Examining the latest and greatest innovations in investment operations technology: Which offer true added value and should be considered for your future investment plans?

This innovative session gives you the chance to hear from pre-selected cutting-edge technology starts ups. Join our esteemed panel of investment operation dragons as the start-up firms present their offerings in a bid to win first place. Listen up as the dragons review the technology benefits to your business and predict their success. Ultimately the winning decision is in your hands though as the audience vote their favorite. Finishing the summit perfectly by focusing on the exciting future of innovative operational technology. 

1:25 pm - 2:30 pm Buy Side Only Think Tank Lunch

TRACK A - Re-inventing Internal Infrastructure

2:30 pm - 3:10 pm Panel Revolution How can you create a global operating model that overcomes legacy challenges to create a winning division?
Sean Kennedy, Head of Investment Operations - EMEA,Vanguard
- Pinpointing key challenges and opportunities in globalizing the operating model: How can the buy side overcome obstacles around supporting a global business
-How to practically identify which legacy systems you should rip out and how to do this with as little disruption as possible to day to day workflow  
-How to identify which innovative solutions you should be investing in now to make this transition to global operating as smoothly as possible


Sean Kennedy

Head of Investment Operations - EMEA

TRACK A - Re-inventing Internal Infrastructure

3:10 pm - 3:30 pm Case Study: Spotlight on outsourcing: Why we fully outsourced the operational model to drive operational efficiency
Holger Schwetje, Co-Head Investment Operations Europe,Allianz Global Investors
-How outsourcing the following processes will add value to your operations:
  • Front-Office related activities – performance measurement, attribution and affirmation
  • Collateral Management
  • Trade processing of complex derivatives or ETFs
  • Regulatory compliance
-How to maximize risk management through the outsourcing lifecycle?
- How to strengthen your control framework to guarantee efficient service and quick dispute resolution when dealing with more complex products 
-Exploring hosting as a low-cost customization option: How you can leverage outsourcing firms’ technology without handing over complete control of operations?


Holger Schwetje

Co-Head Investment Operations Europe
Allianz Global Investors

TRACK A - Re-inventing Internal Infrastructure

3:30 pm - 3:50 pm Case Study: How we are moving towards a single platform and building a global front to back cross-asset infrastructure on a tight budget with minimal disruption during a major merger
Mike Tumilty, Director of Global Operations,Aberdeen Standard Investments
-Addressing the key steps taken to develop a new workflow that is truly front-to-back 
-How to practically identify which legacy systems you should rip out and how to do this with as little disruption as possible to day to day workflow  
-How to overcome the challenges of merging two cultures
-How to identify which innovative solutions you should be investing in now to make this transition as smoothly as possible


Mike Tumilty

Director of Global Operations
Aberdeen Standard Investments

TRACK B - Exploiting Disruption

2:10 pm - 3:30 pm Technology Working Groups
Roundtables on a specific disruptive technology where you can join forces with your peers and pick the brains of market leaders to explore practical solutions, test ideas and walk away with knowledge which you can apply when you are back in the office

Roundtable 1: How to cut operational costs by leveraging data and gain a competitive edge
Host: Mohammed Mesli, Head of IT Operations, Unigestion

Roundtable 2: How to leverage blockchain to  revolutionise your front-to- back office processing 
Host: Kurt Hangaard, Senior Vice President and Head of Operations, Danske Bank Investment Management 

Roundtable 3: How to use technology to improve your client onboarding process 
Fabio Tramontano, Executive Director, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Roundtable 4: How to use operational technology to achieve cross-asset integration 
Roundtable 5: How to implement new front to back technology infrastructure to move beyond regulations

TRACK C - Leveraging The Latest Tech

2:10 pm - 3:05 pm Workshop: How to leverage the latest tech to create an interconnected investment operations eco-system that helps you achieve agility
-Assessing which new directives are most beneficial for your firm with pressure for you to protect revenue streams and grow the bottom line 
-Which product offerings should you be expanding to fuel growth in the challenging volatile market environment and how will that affect your investment operations strategy?
-How to ensure that your investment operations is ready to deal with the expansion into new asset classes and product types and you have the necessary data and technology structures in place to support this growth 
-How to overcome internal objections to introduce new solutions that met these evolving business strategies 

TRACK C - Leveraging The Latest Tech

3:05 pm - 3:50 pm Workshop Moving from hype to reality: How to use DLT to rationalise trade processing and reap the benefits of these pilot projects
-Moving from the traditional operations model: How you can use DLT to create a an agile securities operations
-How to achieve fully streamlined processes now in relation to T+2 using DLT?
-How can you use technology to minimize settlement fails?
-Real life application of DLT in securities settlement : How you can use DLT to revolutionize your securities operations

TRACK D - Making Tough Strategic Decisions

2:10 pm - 3:10 pm Creative Leadership Boardroom Staying ahead of the curve: How will SM&CR affect your firm and what can you do to ensure you are compliant?
Adam Pacey, Head of Regulatory & Transformation,M&G Investments
-Pinpointing how SM&CR will bring accountability and transparency to the industry ensuring managers are acting in the best interests of investors?
-How can you ensure that overlapping requirements are captured and understood and regulations are not conducted in isolation?
-Creating a scenario based planned to ensure your firm has a range of implementation options


Adam Pacey

Head of Regulatory & Transformation
M&G Investments

3:50 pm - 4:20 pm Afternoon Break


4:20 pm - 4:40 pm 360° Perspective The latest thinking on investment operations talent: What are the critical success factors for hiring, training and retaining the best talent?

Sean Kennedy, Head of Investment Operations - EMEA,Vanguard
-Who will be the winners and losers in the evolving market structure? Which new types of job functions are now coming to the fore?
-How do you need to position your firm to attract the best talent? 
-What expertise and technological know how is now needed on the buy and sell side in increasingly electronic markets?  
-What are the unintended consequences of regulation which are impacting buy and sell side firm structures?


Sean Kennedy

Head of Investment Operations - EMEA

4:40 pm - 5:00 pm Crystal Ball Interview 2028 and beyond: Wild but realistic predictions for what the future holds for investment operations and the industry as a whole

Giles Travers, Managing Director,LionPoint Group
-How are big data, machine learning and AI reshaping investment management?
-Defining disruption: How will the buy side have to evolve their thinking from traditional operational approaches and overcomes the challenges in machine learning to reap the rewards it offers?
-How and why to take advantage of the innovative, lower cost and highly scalable solutions offered by newer and more entrepreneurial suppliers

Giles Travers

Managing Director
LionPoint Group

5:00 pm - 5:05 pm Chairperson’s Closing Remarks:

5:05 pm - 5:10 pm Conference Close