InvestOps Europe 2018

17 - 18 September, 2018

Victoria Park Plaza, London

44 (0) 207 368 9445

InvestOps Day 1 – Monday 17th September 2018

7:30 am - 8:20 am Conference Registration & Networking Breakfast

8:20 am - 8:25 am Welcome Address: Lauren Harrison, Conference Director, InvestOps

8:25 am - 8:30 am Chairperson's Opening Remarks


8:30 am - 8:50 am Inspirational Keynote: Assessing the top trends in finance: How can investment operations best collaborate with the rest of the value chain to drive transformation?

John Marsland, Chief Operating Officer, Investment,Schroder Investment Management Limited
  • Grabbing the bull by the horns: Pinpointing when it’s right for collaboration to feed the pace of transformation in the industry –
  • How to drive change not only in the middle office but through the whole operational model and remove silos
  • Collaborative approach: How operating in a joint operating model is the only way to reduce complexity, increase data quality and reduce operational costs

John Marsland

Chief Operating Officer, Investment
Schroder Investment Management Limited

8:50 am - 9:30 am All-Star COO Panel : Pinpointing the top 3 strategic priorities for 2019: Where should you focus your time, money and energy to best meet the growing demands of the business?

Paul Miller, Managing Director,Knadel Karin Van Baardwijk, COO,Robeco Mitchell Dean, COO,Old Mutual Global Investors
  • How can you practically assess, understand and measure costs as a critical starting point?
  • What is the ideal team-set up to service the front-back cross-asset operational needs of your business?
  • Building your foundation: How to best organise your internal processes to accelerate the success rates of your operational projects?
  • Increasing agility: How to leverage technology and third party service providers to enhance agility, flexibility and speed to market?
  • Making tough financial choices: Where will budget be spent in 2019 and where will it be sacrificed?

Paul Miller

Managing Director


Karin Van Baardwijk



Mitchell Dean

Old Mutual Global Investors


9:30 am - 9:50 am Buy Side Leader Interviews: Establishing the buy side wish list: What are the gaps in current front to back cross-asset solution provider space that need bridging to meet current requirements?

Geoff Galbraith, COO,MAN Group Fabio Tramontano, Executive Director,Goldman Sachs Asset Management
  • How can the industry work better together when ever increasing complexity is putting strain on the operating model to overcome major industry transitions?
  • Evaluating the 2019 wish list: What did we learn from partnerships in 2018 and what have we learned from a complexed regulatory environment?
  • How can the buy side work together to create common standards and tools that make partnering with providers an easier process?
  • Ranking the key criteria – What is the most important criteria?

Geoff Galbraith

MAN Group


Fabio Tramontano

Executive Director
Goldman Sachs Asset Management

9:50 am - 10:30 am Panel: Smart strategic decisions: How are players from the rest of the value chain innovating to help with the buy side wish list and overcome increased complexity in their business demands?

Mark Persiani, Head of Derivatives Operations,Blackrock Alain Mandy, Executive Vice President,PIMCO Alan Copping, Head of Market Support,SimCorp
  • In light of the mounting cost pressures how can you be sure that you are getting bang for your buck when partnering with the sell side, market infrastructure and technology provider universe?
  • Staying on top of technology innovations: How can you leverage tech providers to streamline your operating model?
  • How to direct time and effort to growth initiatives rather than simply reducing cost to feed the bottom line?

Mark Persiani

Head of Derivatives Operations


Alain Mandy

Executive Vice President


Alan Copping

Head of Market Support

10:30 am - 10:50 am Sell Side Keynote : Adapt now or get left behind: How is the sell side embracing innovation from other industries to stay ahead of new market disruptors and what are the transferrable lessons for the buy side?

  • How is the sell side adapting to a more regulated and lower return world to better support the buy side?
  • How are the sell side business models evolving and how are they differentiating themselves to provide an optimal service for the buy side?
  • What types of technology are the sell side using to maximise their efficiency and pass on cost savings to the buy side?
  • How have various regulatory frameworks impacting how the sell side run their investment operations and what are the critical lessons for the buy side to take on board?


10:50 am - 11:10 am Exclusive Guest Speaker: AI – It’s not in the future, its right here, right now: How To Ensure You Are investing in the right initiatives that add value to your Investment Operations and make commercial sense

Shamus Rae, Head of Innovation, Digital Labour and Cognitive Transformation,KPMG
 Shamus is the lead on Intelligent Automation (transformation/ automation through the use of Artificial Intelligence) for KPMG both transforming the firm's services but also taking this experience into the marketplace to help clients embrace this new and disruptive technology.

Shamus Rae

Head of Innovation, Digital Labour and Cognitive Transformation

11:10 am - 11:50 am Coffee Break


11:50 am - 12:10 pm Political guest keynote: Progress on Brexit: 18 months on from triggering article 50 what have we learnt, and how can we expect it to impact on the global economy and investment landscape?

Anthony Hilton, Financial Editor,Evening Standard
  • Lifting the lid on Article 50 taskforce timeline: What stage have they reached in negotiations?
  • How will the trading lifecycle of buy and sell side institutions be impacted by the outcome, and how can they remain resilient in the face of change?
  • Examining the knock on effect of Brexit in Europe and understanding why the Investment landscape only slowed down momentarily 
  • Across the pond: How have the negotiations affected the UK and US relationship?
  • Next steps: What does a post-Brexit Britain look like and how can you use it as a competitive advantage?

Anthony Hilton

Financial Editor
Evening Standard

12:10 pm - 12:30 pm Fireside Debate: Spotlight on London: Will it survive as a financial hub post Brexit and what does this mean for your role?

Suren Chellappah, COO,Sanford C. Bernstein Jean-Charles Delcroix, Chief Compliance Officer,Amundi Anthony Hilton, Financial Editor,Evening Standard
  • How are UK based financial services firms reviewing their options to ensure they have access to the whole EU market from one location?
  • How are regulators pressing down on firms to make clear how they will maintain service to their clients in the event of a “hard” Brexit?
  • Assessing fact and stats: Is it really realistic that three decades of post-Big Bang concentration can be eradicated overnight due to Brexit? 
  • The global impact: Why London could suffer more on a global than European front until he new EU-UK financial arrangements are made clear

Moderator: Suren Chellappah, COO, Sanford C. Bernstein
Yes: Jean-Charles Delcroix, CCO, Amundi Asset Management London
No:  Anthony Hilton, Financial Editor, The Standard


Suren Chellappah

Sanford C. Bernstein


Jean-Charles Delcroix

Chief Compliance Officer


Anthony Hilton

Financial Editor
Evening Standard


12:30 pm - 1:10 pm Panel: Leveraging cutting-edge data management approaches: Which new strategies and technologies should you implement to make information your competitive advantage?

Mike Tumilty, Director of Global Operations,Aberdeen Standard Investments John Hosie, Global Programme Director,Franklin Templeton Mohammed Mesli, Head of IT Operations,Unigestion
  • Under regulations, growing technology, big data and advanced analytics how are global firms addressing the need for a new approach to data management?
  • How can you best overcome cybersecurity and risk management issues to ensure how you are using your data is in line with regulations?
  • Creating a uniform code for data: How to ensure your data management is consistent across the business to fully reap the reward of standardisation
  • How to decide which specific technologies can help you streamline your global data processes
  • Exploring “data engineering” and how to assess if this is the best way to navigate the “data storm” 

Mike Tumilty

Director of Global Operations
Aberdeen Standard Investments


John Hosie

Global Programme Director
Franklin Templeton


Mohammed Mesli

Head of IT Operations

1:10 pm - 1:30 pm Industry Inspiration: From buzz to reality: How to use artificial intelligence to automate your front-back day-to-day workflow and empower your investment team to focus on value add tasks

  • How can you leverage data analytics to extract insights and drive your investment decisions?
  • How you can overcome the speed, sophistication and volume overload of data to ensure you are managing risks and identifying key investment opportunities?
  • Quantitative power and the context of human knowledge: How the two combined can help  you quickly synthesise data

1:30 pm - 2:40 pm Lunch Break

1:30 pm - 2:40 pm Women in Operations Lunch How can investment operations industry better attract, develop and retain top female talent?

Diana Dhote, Head of Global Operations,HSBC, Asset Management Group
Hosted by prominent leaders in the operations space. They will discuss how useful tips that you have received which has contributed to success in the industry, how together woman can help motivate each other and take a positive, forward looking approach to retaining talent in the industry.

Diana Dhote

Head of Global Operations
HSBC, Asset Management Group

TRACK A - Optimising Your Derivatives Workflow

2:40 pm - 3:00 pm Regulatory Keynote: Resiliency, recovery and resolution: How are regulators ensuring that CCPs financial resources are up to scratch and minimising risks in the ecosystem?
  • Revisiting the three R’s for CCPs: understanding the importance of protecting the whole financial systems by also protecting the customer – end-investors
  • How CCP recovery and resolution will safeguard participants and investors in the event of CCP default and what red flags to take note of
  • Mitigating interdependent risk: An analysis of measures taken to eliminate the risk for stakeholders
  • FSB,CPMI IOSCO and European Commission interaction: How regulators are working together to create a robust framework for CCP recovery and resolution

TRACK A - Optimising Your Derivatives Workflow

3:00 pm - 3:40 pm Panel: How can you fix the legacy issues in your front office derivatives processes to avoid doubling up of workload in the middle and back office?
Ismail Larbi Meziane, Deputy Head of Middle Office,Candriam Investors Jarno Bostelaar, Group Head of Operations,Cardano Investments John Lund, Buy Side ‎Derivatives,Collateral Management Specialist
  • Drilling down into the impact of derivatives regulation on the front office: how has the front office dealt with trading, reporting and collateral requirements?
  • How can we support the front office in cost efficiently managing connectivity to SEFs?
  • How can we better streamline the multiple reporting requirements?
  • Has collateral become a front office concern? How has the un-cleared margin rules effected the front offices and ETFs?

Ismail Larbi Meziane

Deputy Head of Middle Office
Candriam Investors


Jarno Bostelaar

Group Head of Operations
Cardano Investments


John Lund

Buy Side ‎Derivatives
Collateral Management Specialist

TRACK A - Optimising Your Derivatives Workflow

3:40 pm - 4:20 pm Panel Revolution: Optimising collateral: How can you holistically manage margin calls across different product lines to drive overall business profitability?
Krzysztof Wierzchowski, Global Trade Services Director,Franklin Templeton Investments Matthew Scott, Head of Operations,G-Research Christian Brønd Måhrbeck, Head of Derivatives Operations,Nordea Asset Management Jan Grunow, Head of Investment Operations,Swiss Life Asset Management
  • Drilling down on the top challenges that currently prevent you from optimising collateral across your firm and addressing how you can overcome them 
  • Integration or starting over: What real case examples are there of technology fully integrating with legacy systems successfully to re-invent the collateral workflow 
  • Is quality lost when adapting a pre and post trade tool?
  • Thinking strategically: How can you increase business profitability now we are edging out of the collateral conundrum?
  • Next steps: Can sophisticated analytics and AI be leveraged to better manage collateral?

Krzysztof Wierzchowski

Global Trade Services Director
Franklin Templeton Investments

Matthew Scott

Head of Operations


Christian Brønd Måhrbeck

Head of Derivatives Operations
Nordea Asset Management


Jan Grunow

Head of Investment Operations
Swiss Life Asset Management

TRACK B - Getting Your Data In Check

2:40 pm - 3:40 pm Panel Revolution: Mastering the juggling act: 4 months on from the GDPR deadline, what has been the biggest impact and how can you overcome the challenges of balancing conflicting regulations?
-What aspects of GDPR have most directly impacted Investment operations including: 
  • Client consent 
  • The right to data erase in conjunction with MiFID II requirements 
  • Consequences of a breach 
  • Vendor management 
-How did you need to alter the way your operational processes e to adhere to these? 
-How have regulators evaluated compliance, and what supervision and enforcement have we seen so far? 
-Have there been any unintended consequences on business growth, and what market changes have brought welcome opportunities for the buy side? 

TRACK B - Getting Your Data In Check

3:40 pm - 4:20 pm Panel Revolution: Breaking the data quality code: How can you ensure your data is accurate at all times to better support decision making?
Naomi Clarke, Head of Data,GAM Henrik Bestue, Head of Middle Office,Nordea Investment Management
  • How to prevent delays in the way your data is pulled from the market and remove inconsistencies in the processing of this data
  • How to achieve a complete and accurate timely supply of information to support business decision making, facilitate regulatory compliance and enable straight through processing 
  • Evaluating ways to resolve data processing issues without having to reinvest in legacy technology and infrastructure

Naomi Clarke

Head of Data


Henrik Bestue

Head of Middle Office
Nordea Investment Management

TRACK C - Leveraging The Latest Tech

2:40 pm - 3:40 pm Workshop: Cost efficiently streamline your workflow: How to implement innovative front-back cross-asset capabilities that effectively integrate with your legacy systems
  • Addressing the challenges of operating in a fragmented and siloed post trade operational process 
  • How to move from tactical solutions to employing a new model to not only  ensure that your trades are ready for settlement but also at the lowest cost 
  • How can you implement an alterative model that extends front office efficiencies to the back office?

TRACK D - Making Tough Strategic Decisions

2:40 pm - 3:30 pm Boardroom: Standards and industry collaboration for utilities: How to Increase awareness, efficiency and adoption in the industry
James Cunningham, European Regulatory and Market Initiatives,BNY Mellon
  • What factors could lead to the development of successful utilities and which could hinder collaboration?
  • What are the future opportunities that exist for the industry?
  • How can industry utilities be used to achieve an increased transparency of activities, simplified data aggregation and reporting?
  • How as an industry can you overcome barriers which impair the effectiveness and adoption of utilities?

James Cunningham

European Regulatory and Market Initiatives
BNY Mellon

TRACK D - Making Tough Strategic Decisions

3:30 pm - 4:20 pm Euro System Think Tank Assessing the consolidation of TARGET2 and T2S: How is the Eurosystem exploring synergies across its infrastructures and how will this impact day-to-day operations going forward?
Harold Bimpong, Head of Securities Operations,Aviva Investors Christoph Heid, Head of Division, Strategy & Policy,European Central Bank
  • Pointing out the challenges with T2S: Has the infrastructure brought its intended rewards?
  • How has the Eurosystem progressed in its journey to consolidation functional aspects of its infrastructure?
  • How is the Eurosystem innovating to offer new services in response to market demands

Harold Bimpong

Head of Securities Operations
Aviva Investors


Christoph Heid

Head of Division, Strategy & Policy
European Central Bank

4:20 pm - 4:50 pm Afternoon Networking Break

4:50 pm - 5:10 pm Interview: The outlook for clearing post Brexit: What will be the implications on the clearing competition landscape and the way in which you clear your UK and EU trades going forward?

Leontien Van Den Oever, Principal Risk Manager,PGGM Investments
-Outlining the European regulation that have made clearing more expensive and difficult
-Assessing the impacts of clearing fragmentation between London, New York and Europe and what that means for the industry
-Addressing the U.K.’s withdrawal and its potential to pose a substantial risk of disruption to cross-border clearing of financial contracts?

Leontien Van Den Oever

Principal Risk Manager
PGGM Investments

5:10 pm - 5:40 pm Fireside Chat: Streamling pre and post trade reporting: How can you consolidate all of your reporting lines to eliminate duplicated workload and resulting erros

  • Assessing the current regulatory landscape: How have you overcome challenges with meeting reporting requirements and what is in the pipeline that with affect your derivatives reporting structure?
  • What has been the challenges and successes with consolidating lines into infrastructure with ease?
  • Leveraging data: How can you better use your data to build a golden source and consolidate data manipulation to eliminate errors and repetitive formatting.

4:50 pm - 5:40 pm Case Study Revolution: Protecting your business from cyber attacks: How to establish policies, procedures and controls that can help you effectively safeguard against this rising threat

-How should firms cost-effectively implement controls/safeguards against cyber crime – is regulatory compliance enough?
-What regulation is out there and will be out there that you would need to comply with?
-Staying vigilant: What irregularities should raise red flags and how do you know when to respond?
-What role do investment operations play in cyber security?

4:50 pm - 5:40 pm Workshop: Moving towards real time post trade matching: How can you embrace innovative infrastructure to ensure the quality of your transaction data is as close to execution as possible?

-How to implement  technology  across the full trade lifecycle  to comply with confidence 
-Looking back into your data sets to ensure it is the best it can be to meet current and new requirements 
-Deep dive on:
•Mitigateing your operational risk
•Improving STP and efficiency
•Addressing challenges of MiFID II and CSDR
•Confirming  all economic details quickly after execution

4:50 pm - 5:40 pm Creative Leadership Boardroom: Striking the right balance between day-to-day activities and long-term projects: How to ensure your investment operations does not fall into the tactical over strategic trap?

Olivier Dumas, Head of Middle Office, Deputy Head of Core Operations,Pictet Asset Management
-Assessing how to balance your time, allocation of resources and budget between compliance-led projects and those geared to optimise business profitability
-How you can leverage regulatory change to accomplish operational efficiency?
-How you can make focusing on the transitional business change over regulations a smoother process
-How you can ensure that there is rigor around the operating model with quality assurance processes and that your employees echo this rigor


Olivier Dumas

Head of Middle Office, Deputy Head of Core Operations
Pictet Asset Management

5:40 pm - 5:45 pm Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

5:45 pm - 6:45 pm Drinks Reception